How Long Does it Take to Upload a video to Youtube?

How Long Does it Take to Upload a video to Youtube?

If you have ever uploaded a video to YouTube, you must be aware of the fact that YouTube takes time to process your videos. The processing time can vary depending upon several factors, and you may need to wait for a few minutes. In some cases, it could take a couple of hours as well, which can be really frustrating for creators. 

If you know how to upload a video to YouTube, you won’t face any issues during the process. But you will need to wait for the video to be processed as this step is mandatory. Let’s see why processing takes so long.

Why does processing take so long?

There are a lot of creators on YouTube, and a lot of videos get uploaded to the platform every day. All the videos that are uploaded to YouTube are stored in different data centers. Also, different copies of all videos get stored in different resolutions to ensure the best possible experience for all viewers. This is why video processing takes so long sometimes.

How long does it take to upload a video to YouTube?

As we mentioned above, processing time may vary depending upon different factors like video length and file size. Upload traffic is also a big factor that comes into play here. If the resolution of your video is high, it may take longer to process. Also, if too many videos are getting uploaded at the same time, your video may take more time to process. 

But how long does it take to upload a 10 minute video on YouTube? Well, if you are uploading a one minute video to YouTube, it will be processed within two minutes under ideal conditions. The processing time will increase with an increase in the length of the video, as the size of the file will also increase. In the same way, smaller videos will take less time to process, and you will be able to finish the job in less time. 

What if a YouTube video gets stuck while uploading?

A lot of creators face this issue at some point in their life. If you are uploading a video and it gets stuck, you will have two options. You can wait for the process to finish or you can upload the video again. If you have time, you can wait and let the process finish. However, if you don’t have time to spare, you can upload the video again. The best option is to keep both videos private and wait for one of them to upload. 


We hope you understood why processing takes so long at times. As we mentioned, the length of the video and the size of the file will have a big role to play here. If a video gets stuck while processing, there is nothing to worry about. You can follow the method that we discussed, as it may save you a lot of time.