Frequently Asked Questions

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How can i contact you?

We have a full team of in-house Customer Support Specialists. We offer free customer support through our Ticket Support System.

You can open a ticket by visiting the Contact Us section of our site.

When you open the support ticket please make sure to give us as much information as possible so that we can quickly assist you with your question or problem. Make sure to always include the link/URL for any orders you have questions about. We offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We respond to all support tickets within 24 hours and typically much faster. Please do not open multiple support tickets for the same issue, all tickets are answered in the order they are received and opening multiple tickets will delay the response time for all customers.

Is it legal to buy YouTube views?

According to YouTube terms of use, buying YouTube promotional services isn't illegal in any way, as long as they are bought via legitimate marketing methods and channels, as we offer here on

Our services are generated by real accounts from our private social media networks, youtube ads, and other promotional channels.

Therefore, YouTube will not ban your account :)

What is your refund policy/return policy?

As stated in our terms of use, a refund will be granted in case an order was not fulfilled as promised and a refill is not optional.

If your order is in progress or fully delivered, there is no obvious reason to grant a refund. Refunds are provided only when we can't deliver an order for any reason.

If the client (you) want to cancel a processing order, please note that you can't receive a full refund because we have already provided some of the order.

If you face any specific issues regarding the delivery or status of your order, please check the relevant FAQ regarding this issue or contact support.

Can I get views from a specific country?

When possible, we offer a service for Geo-Targeted YouTube Views. Please contact us for a custom order.

Can I cancel my order?

Once an order has been placed it is not always possible to cancel it. Many of our services have very fast delivery speeds, therefore making it impossible to cancel the order before it’s delivered.

In the event that you need an order canceled please open a Support Ticket and we will do our best to stop it and then we will issue a refund for any undelivered services. We do not issue refunds for services that have been delivered. We offer no guarantee that an order can be canceled once it is In Progress.

Are the views you sell real?

All our promotional services are generated by real users from our private social media platforms and other promotional networks.

Our service promotion is being distributed through our private network of social media channels or pages, online web properties and via the YouTube official ads platform.

Please note, that it is most likely that our viewers will not engage in further activity on your channel\videos since they are only incentivized to watch.

What is the average watch time on videos?

Our views are generated by real worldwide users from our private social media networks, YouTube Ads and other promotional services.

Because real people are watching your videos, the average watch time can vary between 1 to 5 minutes. In many cases, the watch time is even longer than that. However, note that our viewers will only be watching your video but may not necessarily engage in further activity on your video or channel. This means we do not guarantee that they will comment, like or click on ads.

Is the service AdSense Safe?

Since we are fully aware of YouTube's strict rules and policy, our video marketing methods are 100% legitimate and compliant with YouTube terms. Therefore, your account will not get banned and AdSense is safe to use. However, in no way do we guarantee that our views will generate ad revenues.

Do you provide views through Google Ads / YouTube ads?

Our newly developed algorithm adjusts the most suited Views campaign to fit your video needs. No other competing systems and providers can produce such great results and top-notch performances in the fairest pricing rates as offered on Giant Likes. So, it is very likely we will be using YouTube ads in order to provide views to your video.

Will i need to give you my password?

No. Giant Likes takes privacy concerns very seriously and we would never consider asking you for it. Your peace of mind is one of our priorities and we highly encourage you to never give personal information, including passwords, to any third party.