How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020? | Giant Likes

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020? | Giant Likes

Looking to get more youtube views on on Youtube? YouTube is an impactful and unique platform in its sense. There are minimal restrictions regarding the content one can post and practically no restrictions as to who can post content on the platform. This is the reason that creators from different backgrounds and aspects come on Youtube and create content for the viewers. Creators coming from such diverse backgrounds are the reason that the platform boasts more screen time than streaming giant Netflix and social media giant Facebook combined. Where it is to find entertainment, look for answers to queries or even education, people make their way towards Youtube.

Being a creator on Youtube is more than any other job. It comes with its own set of challenges, freedom, and perks. The creators have the freedom to choose the subject of their videos. Subjects can be as diverse as their ideas allow them to be, so can the content that they choose to put out on the platform. They have the freedom to work according to their time table, schedule works according to their needs, and can stay in touch with their audience directly no matter how big the channel grows, something that big companies long to have. The job provides immense creative freedom. The income and fame and following among the people that a successful YouTuber have does not need to be mentioned.

But the job has its challenges. The creators need to create content in such a way that the viewers can relate to it and come back to the channel for more. A YouTuber needs to build a community and center his content around it. Only by building a steady community can a YouTuber survive and thrive on the platform. The community guarantees steady views, which in turn assure steady income.

But is creating a community that easy? Well, it is easier said than done. It is a process that takes time, focus and persistence. But the first step towards this process is- generating views. This is the first and perhaps the most important step towards success on Youtube and building a steady community. It puts the creator in the viewers' eyes and they start to recognize his content quality. Thus, they begin to trust the creator and turn into a loyal community. More views also work as an assurance for new members of youtube that the content has a respectable quality and will not disappoint him.

Here, we will discuss how you can ensure the first step is completed without any difficulties. Thus, we will discuss how you can generate more and more views for your videos. Keep going to more!

Make sure to get the basics of YouTube right
The longest journeys start with a step. Make sure you take that step right. You must do all the basic things that you are supposed to do on your channel. First of all, make sure that you maintain a persistent and attractive physical identity on your channel. This includes your name, your channel's name, your display picture, and your cover picture. Make sure all these things are correlated, too. It is not a bad idea to be creative with your identity but keep in focus that it should send out a positive impact. Secondly, keep your contact information up to date, because this is how the viewers or companies are going to contact you. You are about section should be detailed as well as lucrative and interesting.

Make audience-centered content
This is one of the key ideas that can help you garner steady views and build a community. What you have to understand about YouTube is that there is the entire world looking for videos on it. This means that you just cannot create content for everybody. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to watching content as well as creating content. You have to find the niche where you and your audience meet. This allows you to create the content of the nature of your preference and expertise. When you have found the audience for it, you can experiment with it and try to expand the audience base.

Improve your videos' search ranking
YouTube is a media platform, but it acts as a search engine as well. The platform is filled with videos such as tutorials and how-to videos. The viewers search what they need and choose from the results that suit their needs. There are chances that your video has what they are looking for but they never find or get to it. It is so because YouTube shows other videos before your own and your video is rendered out of sight of the viewer. This can greatly affect the views of your videos negatively. Thus, you must improve your video's search ranking. To do this, you should name your video using exact keywords that are likely to be used in the search. Add description text, subtitles, and title which contain the keywords that are likely to be used in a search made by a viewer.

Use metadata and playlists to keep the viewer on your channel
YouTube's central goal is to keep the viewer on the website playing videos for as long as possible. This means more ads for the viewer and more income for YouTube. How does YouTube do this? It keeps on recommending interesting videos one after the other so that the viewer is engaged and does not leave the platform. The question that now arises is how YouTube chooses videos that are to be recommended next. This is all a part of Youtube's algorithm. It places videos that are either from the same channel or regarding the same content. Here is where you come into play. Go to your competitor's channel and sort the most famous videos. Then, on the most popular video, look for the keywords that are used. All you have to do is use keywords that correspond to these. It is not recommended to use the same keywords as the competitor, because the viewer rather chooses to watch a video that answers his query from the previous video, rather than watches the same video over and over again. The same thing is done by using playlists. It sorts similar content together and keeps the viewer on the channel for a longer time.

Create catchy custom thumbnails
We cannot stress the importance of standing out enough. You should be able to catch the viewer's eyes from a distance and then satisfy him with the content. One of the things that help you stand out from the rest is an attractive and catchy custom thumbnail. Thumbnails can be made simply using a smartphone. Thumbnails could be anything that your creativity allows. It could be a closeup shot of your face making a weird expression or the title in block colorful letters. It all works as long as the thumbnail catches attention. But you should not make a thumbnail that misleads the viewers towards clicking on the video. Misleading will shorten the video playing ratio because the viewers will end the video in frustration soon. Thus, your videos will cease to be recommended in youtube's algorithm.

Create unique content
A large number of creators also means that a lot of their content, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, overlaps. This means that there is a large number of videos out there in answer to the same condition. Thus, most of the content goes unnoticed by the viewers. More than a hundred videos come out in answer to a simple how-to query. The top two or three get the views while the rest of them sit there simply, doing nothing more than increasing the volume of videos on the platform. Thus, it is very important to create unique content and no one else is making the same content as you are. Unique content means that you will be on the top of the search results. This will increase viewership marginally. Also, it will help you establish a steady community. The create can be can be of a subject that you deem good enough. It is worth stating that while finding a subject that no one else has not touched yet is a tricky job, what should focus on is presenting the content in such a way that no one other is.

Collaborate with fellow YouTubers
We have talked a lot about standing out in front of the viewers[ we kinda feel we said that a lot of times but….as long as it helps]. Another thing that you can do to stand out and create a hype of your channel is to collaborate with other YouTubers. Collaboration with fellow YouTubers is a very smart idea from a business point of view. Collaboration means that you get together with a fellow YouTuber, preferably if he has the same line of content as yours, and creating and uploading content together. This helps in engaging the viewers of both of the collaborator's channels and engage more viewership in a joint effort. Word of mouth spreads faster in such types of videos and the chances of the video featuring in the trending section of YouTube are higher. This makes way for plenty of new videos as you can present the experience from several viewpoints such as behind the scenes or vlogs.

Promote your content on other social media platforms
The thing about social media is that almost everyone who is using one of the platforms is likely using the other platforms as well. This makes all the social media platforms ideal for advertisements and publicity of even other social media platforms, which sometimes is not what they want exactly. Advertising on social media is very effective in a very simple and direct way. A person watches an advertisement of your content on a different platform. He is engaged in the content, which must be the responsibility of the advertisement. He goes to YouTube to check your content out and boom! views are on the rise. But it is easier said than done. As we have mentioned earlier, not all social media platforms approve of advertising another platform. Plus, you don't want to give the entire content away on another platform, because that is not monetizable. Therefore, what you want to do is post a snippet of your content that leaves the viewer hungry and asking for more. Then he will come to YouTube and boom! views are on the rise.

Ask your viewers to subscribe and press the bell icon
Now, let us assume that you created awesome content and followed all the guidelines that we have listed here. You succeeded in bringing the viewer to your channel and views are increasing. What do you do now? Celebrate with friends and family? Well, yes but before that, you ask the viewer to subscribe to your channel and turn on the notifications to your videos. This might sound cliche but we don't have any doubts about it when we say that it works, all the same, every time and for everyone. When you ask the viewer to subscribe, and he likes your content, he is sure to subscribe to your channel. This ensures that he will always be there to check out every new video you put out there. In the very beginning, we discussed the importance of a community. This is the final step towards building a community. Your subscriber will always be there for you. Even if it so happens that your content goes in a different direction from where it is supposed to go, you can count on your subscriber to make you aware of it.

YouTube is a great place to express oneself to the world. You have all the intellectual as well as the common people in one place and all you have to do is present them what you have created. This is a powerful tool. And the focus is required to use it the right way. Make sure you pour your heart out in the content and follow basics, and the views are sure to come.