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Every creator on YouTube wants his videos to gain popularity, which can be difficult in the initial stages. When you are new on the platform, it’s hard for you to get your desired number of views and LIKES on your videos. The biggest reason behind it is the fact that there are a lot of creators on YouTube, and you will need to buy youtube LIKES to compete with them.

Once you get to know a little more about the platform, it will be a little easier for you to get more YouTube views on your videos as you will have a subscriber base to depend upon. However, getting more YouTube video views is not the only thing that creators worry about. There is one more thing that is equally important for all creators and that is the number of LIKES they get on their videos. If you also have a YouTube channel, you will understand the importance of getting LIKES on your videos.

Getting LIKES on your videos means people appreciate your content, and they found it, in some way, valuable. This will motivate you to keep working hard on your content and provide more value to your viewers. But getting LIKES on your videos won’t be that easy as you will need to impress the viewers with your content if you want them to click on the upvote button. If the number of LIKES is less than the number of DISLIKES, it could be really demotivating. Fortunately, you can easily deal with this and buy YouTube LIKES, which is going to prove very helpful. Before we talk about how to get more LIKES on YouTube, let’s see what the benefits are.


You should know that getting LIKES on your videos is equally important as YouTube video views, YouTube comments, and YouTube subscribers. If you start getting more LIKES on your YouTube videos, you will be benefitted in several ways. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. It Leaves A Good Impression

If you have a lot of YouTube views on your videos, it may encourage more people to watch them. However, the story doesn’t end here, as the number of LIKES can also play a role here. If you are getting thousands of LIKES on your videos, it will leave a good impression on your viewers, which may encourage them to keep watching the entire video. On the other hand, if you are not even getting a hundred LIKES on your videos, people may think it’s not worth watching.

Perception is a big factor when it comes to making your content appealing to your viewers. You can motivate people to give you a thumbs up on your video by buying YouTube LIKES. Think of yourself as a viewer here for a moment. If you are watching a video with over 1K LIKES, you would probably watch the video till the end. The same will be the case with your viewers as well, and you can motivate them to like your videos this way.

2. Ranking

Every creator on YouTube wants his video to be watched by as many people as possible. When it comes to getting more views on your videos, your subscriber base is going to play an important role. However, there is another big factor that comes into play here, and that is the ranking of your videos. If you are making a video on a particular topic, your goal should be to get it ranked in YouTube search. If your video comes on top, it is likely to get more views.

Getting more LIKES on your videos will help you rank them on YouTube as well. Your video is likely to rank better if it gets more LIKES as it will show that people are liking your content. Other than the YouTube search, your video may also appear in the ‘recommended’ section. This will also help you get more YouTube views as more people will get to know about your channel.

Furthermore, if you buy YouTube LIKES on a video, it may encourage viewers to watch the entire video. High retention will also play a big role in ranking your video higher in the YouTube search. So, you should try to get more LIKES on your videos, and if you aren’t able to do so, you can consider buying YouTube LIKES.

3. It May Help You Get Sponsors

When we talk about platforms like YouTube, there are several sources of income. Your income is not limited to your AdSense account, and you can do a lot more on the platform. Once your videos start getting a decent amount of views and LIKES, companies may offer you money to promote their products. The amount of money you get for promoting a product may vary, but you can earn a decent amount of money this way.

You may also get review units while promoting a product, which means you will get to use it for free. Sounds amazing, right? Well, if you want to get such an opportunity, you will need to work hard on your content. But the quality of your content isn’t the only thing that will matter here, as the number of video views and LIKES will also matter.

If you are getting very few LIKES on your videos, companies may think that people aren’t liking your content. On the other hand, if you are doing well in this field, it will look like people love your videos. This is the kind of message that you would want to send to companies out there. Your YouTube channel earnings will boost if you get such an opportunity.

4. People May Share Your Videos

People often share videos that are most liked, and you can also get people to share your videos by following a simple strategy. Whenever you upload a video, you can buy YouTube views and LIKES package to make an impression. It will motivate people to watch your video, and if they like your content, they may share it with their friends as well.

This way, you will be able to get more views on your videos. But as we said, people should be interested in your content too. If the quality of your content is up to the mark, it may motivate people to leave a thumbs up for you. But if you already have a good number of LIKES, the chances of it getting shared will increase. This will also increase the chances of your video getting viral on social media, and if something like this happens, you will be able to make a lot out of it.

5. Boost A New Channel

If your channel is new, it will be a challenge for you to get views and LIKES on your videos. You may get very few views in the initial stages, and if you don’t get views, you won’t be able to get LIKES as well. If your video has got 100 views, you can’t get 200 LIKES on it. Things may go at a slower pace in the beginning, and it could be discouraging at times. You may need the motivation to keep working hard, and having more LIKES on your videos may do the job for you.

Yes, these LIKES will be purchased, but it will still look good, and the feeling will be amazing. As we said earlier, it will also leave a good impression on your viewers. So, if you are new to the YouTube world, you can buy YouTube LIKES to boost your channel.

Well, these are some benefits of buying YouTube LIKES. If you decide to buy LIKES for a particular video, you will increase the chances of it getting more popular. However, you should pay a little attention while buying YouTube LIKES. The number of LIKES that you buy for a video should be less than the number of views you have got on it. If you buy 1000 LIKES for a video that has got only 500 views, it might look bad, and your viewers will also notice it. In such cases, it would be better if you buy YouTube views as well. You will need to keep such small details in mind if you want to leave a mark.


We hope you liked this article and learned the importance of YouTube LIKES. Getting more LIKES on your videos can do wonders for you, and if you follow the right strategy, things may turn your way. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits that we have discussed in this article, and it will help you gain popularity as well.

YouTube LIKES price may vary from package to package, and you can buy according to your convenience. Buying YouTube views and LIKES will prove very beneficial for you in the initial stages of your career on YouTube. It will give you a much-needed boost to your channel, and it may also help you get more people to watch your videos.